Holland Stone interlocking concrete pavers

Large Projects and Machine Laying

Before you pour concrete or install asphalt let us give you a paving stone cost analysis for your project. We think you will find pavers to be strong, durable, cost effective, quickly installed, and to have a number of other advantages over asphalt and poured concrete. Holland Stone Inc. is experienced in larger commercial projects. Our list of clients include the City of Austin (Austin Convention Center) and Westlake Medical Center.

Around the globe in extreme heavy load areas (such as container harbors), designers have chosen to install concrete pavers over poured-in-place concrete. This is because over a proper subgrade the compressive strength of pavers can support a very high level of traffic.

large installationBut did you know that on a large scale project such as a street, apartment complex, or subdivision, we can usually beat the price of concrete? Our system of machine installation, with the pattern already set upon delivery, can increase installation time by up to 300%. In addition, the higher weight requirement for larger installations actually increases the cost effectiveness of pavers. If you look a building parking lot over a span of 30 years for example, the price of pavers, while higher initially, will save money in the long run since they are basically maintenance free. Asphalt by comparison is a bituminous product that is less environmentally friendly and requires resealing every four years. Under high sun exposure it often doesn't last over ten years before requiring reinstallation or removal.

Click here to watch video of a Holland Stone project being machine installed.

Another unique benefit of using pavers in roadway construction and high-traffic areas is their "cobbleness" and the slight sound of vehicular movement it creates. It is a feature that will slow down traffic and increase pedestrian awareness.

With their obvious aesthetic advantage, paver patterns and colors can also provide permanent striping and other visual indicators such as traffic routing, handicapped signs, and company logos.

We would be happy to explain how concrete pavers can be a smart and efficient solution to your large-scale projects.


At Holland Stone Inc., our business has grown with the popularity of our product. Our success derives largely from a winning combination of quality, service and innovation. Our clients all receive the highest levels of dedication and technical knowledge that continue to make Holland Stone a leader in our industry.

We have a long relationship with high-end builders in central Texas, especially for residential driveways. However, we can work with you at any location, using local source materials from any manufacturer. Please call to inquire about installation in your area.